Visual Stethoscope

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Product Code: CVS-1

Visual Electronic Stethoscope

(Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal )


Portable and convenient to operate

based on latest piezo sensor

Powerful electronics amplify the

sound up to a maximum of 32 times

16 steps programmable

volume settings

Sound model: Heart, Lung, Heart and Lung

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz

Real-time display the heart rate and ECG

Profesional Spo2 and Pulse Rate display

One adult spo2 probe is free from 1th of May to 31th of May

For neonatal probe, Please contact

TFT color LCD display (65536 color): 160*128 pixels

Accommodates infant, pediatric, and adult patients

4.2V Rechargeble Lithium battery

Automatic switch off after 3 minutes from last button activation

Product Code: CVS-2

Visual stethoscope is a new hi-tech clinic medical instrument by introducing the micro IT technology. It has the stethoscope function and ECG signal monitor function. It can display the heart rate and the ECG wave directly through the LCD when stethoscoping the heart.

. Weight: 200g
. Power: 3V(2*1.5V)
. Battery: LR03-AAA
. Operation: about 150 hours
. Battery Capacity Display: Display the alarming information while lack of eletricity
. Automatically switch off in two minutes while no ECG input
. Enviroment: Operating Enviroment 0 - 40
. Enviroment: -10 - 50
. Humidity: 25% - 95%

. Mini-ECG
. Portable
. Convenient to operate
. Stethoscope function: clear and precise
. Real-time record and display the heart rate and ECG
. Optional set of ECG collecting sensitivity and wave move speed
. Freeze funcion: convetient to observe the heart rate and ECG
. Low electricity consumption, Long battery life