SYM-300A, Versatile Ventilator

Product Code: SYM-300A, Versatile Ventilator


SYM-300A Versatile Ventilator serves as long term ventilator for respiratory rescue and therapy,which can be pneumatic driven,electronic controlled appropriate for individuals of all ages (from prematures to adults).SYM-300A ventilator gets the superior performance and functions as a modern ventilator. SYM-300A ventilator adopts a dual-microprocessor system also incorporates most of modern ventilation modes includeing hundred percent oxygen enrichment,sigh function and medicament nebulizaton.It also has monitoring functions with andible and visual alarm.To make it easy for emergency usage the SYM-300A ventilator has an additional essential for “crisis ”.When use the emergency feature,all that needed is to set a O2 concentration and inspiratory pressure. With a well designed construction,fresh ventilation mode can be easily added to SYM-300A ventilator by updating its applications without altering any hardware.Features:

1. For patient of all ages
5. Peak pressure:1~9kPa
12. Airway pressuremonitoring:Pmax,Pmean,Pplat,PEEP
6. Inspiratory oxygen concentration:21~100 percent
Main Specifications:

3.Dual-microprocessor system,higher reliabilty.
7. PEEP/CPAP:0~1.5kPa
8. Pressure support:0~3.5kPa
Adult:10~120L/min(inspiratory phase)
6.Build-in alarm work for security.
5. Advertisement of operation for easy use.
2. Inspiratory flow:Infant:4~24L/min(constant )
10. Ventilation modes: Adult:IPPV(VC),IPPV(PC),SIMV,SIMV+PSV,CPAP,PSV Infant:IPPV(PC),IMV,CPAP,Pressure Limit,Time Cycle. Emergency:IPPV(PC) (02 concentration,inspiratory pressure essential active only)
9. Trigger sensitivity: -0.1~1.0kPa
4. Tracking of airway pressure and venting quantity.
13. Heating monitoring:Frequency,Minute Volume,Tidal Volume 14. Alarms:Air supply deficiency,Oxygen provide absence,Hose detachment,Airway pressure high,Airway pressure reduced,MV high,MV reduced,Apnea,Power collapse