Neonate Phototherapy Unit

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Infant Phototherapy Unit BL-50

Brief introduction:
Equal light distribution.
High intensity.
Quiet, no noise of a fan.
5 tube fluorescent lights.
Stand,: for the functional placement we offer a stand on castors.
Integral timer attached to count total hours of usage.
Height adjustable.

Technical specification:
Electrical requirement : 220V10%/502%
Power supply : 120VA
Wave length (blue light): 425nm~ 275nm
Light output: 500µ w/cm²
Scope of light tube: 200mm
Angle of light tube: 0º~90º
Time accuracy: 2h1min
Integral time range: 0h~999h 59min
Operation condition:
Environment temperature: 18~30
Environment relative humidity: 10%~85%RH
Atmosphere pressure: 700~1060hpa

Gross weight : 45kg Net weight: 25kg