Needle Destroyer Product Code: K300

Needle Destroyer Product Code:  K300


Needle Destroyer  Scope of application:
Many pipe type plastic tools for medical treatment such as one-off injector, one-off injection acus, one-off scurf acus, one-off transfusion (blood) set etc.
Product function: this machine can quick melt down acus head; lacerate the ampoule of injector and rubber stopper with simple and convenient operation.
Method of use:
1. Put the tri-core electric source into the socket of AC220V; open the switch at behind and the indicator light of electric source turns into red.
2 . The injector with pinhead can plug into the right cutting room to press the injector, push forward; after the pinhead melt, it will hear the sound of the machine working; at this time, the indicator light will be green, push it continually, finish cutting, melting and then recall; last it should be damaged by damage-shape machine.
3 . Scurf acus and other steel acus can plug into the front melt entrance with melting; when operating, it should rotate the pinhead lightly to melt quickly.

Technical Parameter:
Working Electric Current: AC220V 50Hz
Power Consume: 80VA
External Dimension: 200×160×130(mm)
Weight: 3kg