Functional Features:
Hemodialysis, Hemodiafiltration (HDF-Bag), Isolated Ultrafiltration, Sequential Ultrafiltration, Hemoperfusion, Plasma Exchange
1. Sodium And Ultrafiltration Profiles Give Individual Treatment For Patients.
Types of Therapy:
2. Convenient App of Sequential Therapy and Dialysis using Variational Sodium.

Functional Features:
1. Sodium And Ultrafiltration Profiles Provide Individual Treatment For Patients.
2. Convenient Program of Sequential Therapy and Dialysis with Variational Sodium.
3. Double Pumps Design, Hemodiafiltration With Bag Can Satisfy All Kinds Of Clinical Needs.
4. KT⁄V Calculation Function Evaluates The Sufficiency Of Dialysis.
5. The Special Hemoperfusion Mode Reduces The Time For Self Tests And The Consumption Of Water And Concentrates In Normal Dialysis Machines.
6. The Battery Supplies for the Entire Blood Section Incl. All Monitoring Devices and Displays for 30 Min.
7. Automatic Disinfection and Decalcification with All Kinds of Disinfectant and Acid.
8. Convenient, Quick After-Sale Service and Low Maintenance Cost.