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Product Code: SYK-3B  Anesthesia Machine

Main Specifications:
1.flowmeter measuring range:
 O2 flow 0.1~10L/min
 N2O flow 0.1~10L/min
2.Gas supply: 0.27~0.55mPa
3.O2 flush: 35~70L/min
4.N2O cut off:O2 preesure drops below 0.1 Mpa
5. Enflurane vaporizer:0-5% adjustable
6.APL: 0.5~7Kpa
7.Dimension: 516x6000x1370mm (LxWxH)
8.Weight: 52Kg
The anesthesia machine of popular type MHJ-3B with SC-M5 anesthesia ventilator forms a complete anesthesia system

1.New design of flowmeter with ORC(oxygen Ratio Control) to guarantee at leas 30% O2 concentration
2.Automatic N2O cut off
3.ISO standard circle system fittable to the left or the right side of the machine makes operation more convenient in either side
4.Easy opservation of respiratory pressure from pressure gauger
5.With Enflurane or Isoflurane vaporizer
6.Attachabe cylinder support 

SYK-3B Anaesthesia Machine,a new popular type machine, has not only made a big step in increasing its reliability,safety and combination but also,in design,given room to equip anaesthesia ventilator and monitoring to form a complete versatile anaesthesia maching thus provides more useful functions.
ISO standard circle system can meet the needs for semiopen semi-closed or closed system anaesthesia.The machine has a DZFG vaporizer with adjustable anaesthetic concentration. The machine is easy in operation.

Product Code: SYK-3B1 with ventilator

SYK-3B1 is a standard anaesthesia machine with multifunctions which is composed of basic anaesthesia machine,anaesthesia ventilator and pressure monitorings. SYK-3B1 is designed with techniques for reliability and safety and adopted a modular system for easier combination with various anaesthesia ventilators and monitorings to enhance is functions.
The standard SYK-3B1 includes a pneumatic-controlled and pneumatic-driven anaethesia machine SYK-3B1,an anaesthesia circuit model IV and an economic anaestheisa vaporizer DZFG.SYK-3B1 is suitable for use in various hospital for closed-anaesthesia,semi-closed anaesthesia and semi-open anesthesia,and for oxygen inhalation during resuscitation.

* A flowmeter with ORC system ensures oxygen concentration not less than 25%.
* With automatic N2O cut-off
* O2deficiency alarm
* SC-M3A1 anesthesia ventilator,with easy operation and low air consumption
* Top plate intended for all kinds of monitors

1.Supply pressure:0.27~0.55MPa
2.Flow control: O2  0.1~10L/min
        N2O 0.1~10L/min
3.ORC system: Oxygen not less than 25% within mixture gas
4.N2O automatic cut-off:Active when oxygen pressure less than 0.1MPa
5.O2 flush:50\10L/min at O2 pressure of 0.45MPa
6.Adjustment concentartion of Enflurane Vaporizer:0~5Vol%
7.Airway pressure limit range(APL): 0.5~7kpa
8. SC-M3A1 anaesthesia ventilator working type:Pneumatic-controlled and pneumatic-criven,time cycle,volume constant
9. Ventilation frequency:6~40L/min
10. Minute volume:3~18L/min
11. I:E ration:1:1.5 (fixed)
12. Gas consumption:less than 0.8L/min(for control part)
13. Dimensions:516〜600〜1370(L〜W〜H)
14. Weight:60kg
15. No need of power supply. Only compressed oxygen for pneumatic driving and pneumatic control.

Product Code: SYK-3B2 anaesthesia machine

SYK-3B2 multifunction anaesthesia machine,developed with reliabilit,safety,practicability,combination in mind,is a kind of up to date economic anaesthesia machine with modular system.Standard parts of SYK-3B2 include anaesthesia ventilator SYK-3B2,a compact vaporizer and airway gauge.It is possible to be furnished with other types of vaporizers and electronic monitorings to make an ideal multifunction anaesthesia machines for modern hospital.

1.ISOcircuit system adaptable to various monitoring
2.New type of flowmeter ORC system (O2concentration no less than 25%),N2O cut off safety unit.
3.Conpact Enflurane Vaporizer:Vaporized drug comcentration adjustable
4.The SC-M3A pneumatic anaesthesia ventilator was comparable small consumption of gas(one cylinder of Oxygen for six hours of operation),and precise parameters for control
Airway pressure gauge for real-time display of respiration of patient

Technical Data:

1.Flow control range:O2 0.1゛10L/min
2.Gas Supply:0.27゛0.55MPa
4.N2O automatic cut-off:active when O2 pressure lower than 0.1MPa
5.Non-compensation Vaporizer(Enflurane)
Cncentration adjustable(0゛5%)
6.Anaesthesia Ventilator:
Control type:Pneumatically driven and
controlled,time cycle and volume constant
Gas supply:0.27゛0.55Mpa
I:E ratio:1:2Fixes
Tidal volume: Adule bellow 150゛1600ml
       Children bellow 50゛150ml
Safety Valve Working Pressue:6kPa

and Pressure gauge

Respiratoy monitor and
Anaesthesia ventilator

Product Code: Anesthesia Machine SYK-3B3, With Two Vaporizers and Intergrated Circuit

Adopts a two stage regulator and a hight precision three-gas flowmeter with ORC system,ensures oxygen concentration not less than 25%
Automatic N2O cut off and an unique O2 deficiency alarm divice.
With Enflurane or lsoflurane vaporizer,or both.
Attachable cylinder bracket.
Pneumatic-driven and electic-controlled anesthesia ventilator(Optional)
With constant volume for adults and children(With Ventilator).
Real time airway measurement
Exhaled tidal volume and Minute vlulme measurement(Optional).
Stainless steel ansesthesia writing surface

Technical Data:
Gas supply: O2:2.7-5.5mPa;
Flow control range:O2:0.1-10L/min;
Oxygen deficiency alarm:as oxygen pressure is+0.2Mpa,alarm occurs and lasts 7 seconds ast least;
N2O cut-off:N2O is cut-off completely,when O2 pressure is+0.1Mpa;
O2 flush:50\10L/min at O2 pressure 0.45Mpa;
Enflurane vaporizer:0.2-5VOL%,adjustable;
SC-M3A1 anaesthesia ventilator working mode:
Pneumatic-controlled and pneumatic-driven,time cycled,volume constant(Optional)

Standard Accessories
,Main Unit
,Enflurane DZFG Vaporizer
,Version IV Circuit System
,Air Supply Hose
,Common Gas Hose
,Patient Pipeline
,Breathing Bag
,Real Time Pressure Gauge
Optional Accessories
,Isoflurane DZFG Vaporizer
,Cylinder Assembly
,Anaesthesia Ventilator
,APL Valve
,O2 Reducer
,N2O Rdducer
,Air Hose
,Integrated Circuit


Product Code: SYK-1C, Versatile Anesthesia Machine

Main Specifications:
1.Flow:O2 0.1~15L/min
   N2O 0.05~10L/min
   ORC O2−25%
2.O2 Flush: 35~75L/min
3.Oxygen deficiency alarm and N2O cut-off
  when O2+0.2Mpa,audible alarm occurs and lasts for at least 7 seconds
  when O2+ 0.14Mpa,N2O flow decreases correspondingly
  when O2+ 0.04Mpa,N2O flow is cut off
4.Integrated breathing circle system
   APL adjustment range:0.5~7kPa
   CO2 absorber acpcity:1.6L

Ambient temperature 15~35≧
Input flow 0.25~15L/min
Output back pressure:-10kPa~20kPa
Output concentration:0.2~5Vol%\20%(OR\0.2%)

Anesthesia Ventilator:
A microprocessor-controlled ventilator,which is time-cycled and constant-volume,has a clear digital reading for all set breathing parameters.Because it is electric-driven and electric-controlled,the ventilator saves large amount of oxygen that is usually used only as driving gas.

Respiratory monitor applies microprocessor to monitor Tidal Volume,Frequency,MV airway pressure,and inhaled oxygen concentration.It has real time curve display and a visual-and-audible alarms.A Chinese menu and single-key operation is userfriendly. A high-definition large screen with wide vision angle make all-directional inspection available.

O2 measuring range 0~99%
Tidal Volume:100~1500mL
Minute volume:0-40L/min
Airway pressuer:0-9.9kPa


M-IC is a new generation anaesthesia machine incorporating anaesthesia,respiratory and monitoring functions.With the adoption of modem art and somatological engineering in its unique designation,the machine is not only a state of art but also of great convenience in manipulation.

Anesthesia Machine:
It adopts a two-stage pressure regulator and a high precision dual-tube flowmeter to provide an accurate fresh gas output.Its build-in safety devices such as ORC system, oxygen deficiency alarm and N20 cut-off make anaesthesia more safe. The specially constructed inter-lock mechanism may guarantee only one of the two parallel vaporizers to be switched on at a time.The selected vaporizers from world famous companies as Drager 19.3, Ohmeda TEC-5 and Penlon Sigma Delta satisfy different requirements of customers.

With SYK-1C it is possible to act low-flow anaesthesia because of its unique integrated circle system-a system that keeps the inhaled tidal volume from fresh gas. So it not only saves anaesthesia agent but also reduces pollution to operation room.

Product Code: SYK-2C Versatile Anesthesia Machine

Main Specifications:
1.Air source pressure: O2:0.27~0.55Mpa
2.Adjustment range of flow:O2:0.1~15L/min
3.N2O shut off:
N2O flow decrease correspondingly when the O2 supply
Pressure drops below 0.14 Mpa.
N2O auromatically shuts off when the O2 supply
Pressure drops below 0.04 Mps
4.Enflurane vaporizer:0.2-5vol%,adjustable
5.Alarm occurs and lasts for 7 seconds at least
6.Anesthetic Ventilator:
Contral Mode:pneumatic-driven,electric-control,constant volume.time-cycled
Air source pressure: O2:0.27~0.55Mpa
Tidal volume:200~1200 ml
I:E ratio:1:1 1:1.5 1:2 1:3
7.Respriatory monitor:
Tidal volume: 100~1500ml/min
Respiratory frequency:6~60bmp
Oxygen concentration:0~100%

SYK-2C is a multifunctional anesthetic apparatus ofnew generation incorporating anesthetic,respiratory and monitoring functions.

* Be equipped with highly precised N2O and O2 flowmeters, and N2O
automatically shut off device.
* Anesthetic ventilator of volume
-constant type. Electrically driven and controlled,suitable for both adults and children, provided with the flow and line alarms.
* Circle system saving greatly on carrier gas and on anesthetic, and adopt ISO standard connectors.
* Be equipped with respiratory monitor capable of monitor on realtime tidal volume, minute volume, frequency of ventilation, and O2 concentration degree, for assuring patient security.


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