SYT-S501 syringe pump

Product Code: SYT-S501 syringe pump

  •  All standard syringes of 10ml, 20ml, 50ml are compatible. The machine diagnoses the syringe size automatically, and with a simple syringe specification setting, the syringe pump can guarantee an accurate and safe injection.
    ● Unique function of bedside injection supervision which makes patients and their relatives as well as  nurses more assured.
    ● Excellent injection function and operation. Even small-volume injection is accurate.
    ● Double CPU system ensures safe and reliable injection process.
    ● Driven by precision step motor, no pulsating waves shall occur during even low-rate injection.
    ● Accurate and sensitive pressure sensor detects occlusion pressure accurately.
    ● Alarms are given in case of malfunction or operation error and the machine stops operation automatically.
Dimension 288*130*122mm Maximum weight <3.0kg


220V2A*Two, 12V2A*Two

Maximum Power consumption 25VA,running more than 5h after being fully charged.
Power supply(city electricity)  



50/60HZ  AC100V~240V

Injection increment



Size of Syringes 10ml,20ml,50ml Injection accuracy ±3%
Feasible injection rate range  







Electrical safety  

The fastest rate of This size of syringe in use

Displayed information Rate, accumulated injection volume, Syringe size Battery capacity, Bed No.,Ac power indicator, Battery charge indicator
EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) Comply with the requirement EN60601-1-1,EN60601-2-24 Operating conditions: Environment temperature 5~45℃.air pressure 70~106kPa, relative humidity30%~90%
Alarm functions Near, Over,OCCL.,low battery, syringe installation error, control abnormal, machine malfunction Accumulated injection volume  

Comply with the requirement of GB9706.1-1995,EN60601-1 and UL60601-1


Product Code: SYT-501A syringe pump