SYM-200, Infant Ventilator

Product Code: SYM-200, Infant Ventilator


SYM-200 infant ventilator is intended to fulfill the distinctive demands of respiratory therapy and respiratory management for babies and kids. This ventilator uses constant flow, pressure limitation, time cycle venting mode.With the feature of streamlined in design and simple in operation. It is an reliable and basic instruments in emergeccy and ICU rooms. Ventilantion Mode:CMV:IMV:CPAP:Manual Venliation
9. Gas Supply Air: 0.15~0.6MPa
3. Flow: 3~20 l/min
2. Breath Rate: 1~120 bmp
(From CS or aircompressor)

Technical Data:

1.Ventilantion Mode:CMV:IMV:CPAP:Manual Venliation
2.Breath Rate: 1~120 bmp
3.Flow: 3~20 l/min
4.O2concentration:21~100% O2 adjustalbe
5.PEEP:0 -2KPa
6.Inspiratory Pressure: 1~9KPa
7.Inspiratory time:0.2~3Sec.
8.Gas Supply Oxygen: 0.5~ 0.6MPa
9.Gas Supply Air: 0.15~0.6MPa
(From CS or aircompressor)
10.Basic Unit Diemensions:
11.Weight: 7.5kg( Without trolley)