SYK-3B1 Anesthesia Machine Using ventilator

Product Code: SYK-3B1 Anesthesia Machine with ventilator

1. Supply stress:0.27~0.55MPa
* O2deficiency alert


SYK-3B1 is a typical anaesthesia machine with multifunctions that’s composed of basic anaesthesia machine,anaesthesia ventilator and stress monitorings. SYK-3B1 is designed with techniques for both reliability and safety and embraced a modular system for easier combination with various anaesthesia ventilators and monitorings to enhance is purposes.
12. Gas consumption:less than 0.8L/min(for management component )
The standard SYK-3B1 includes a pneumatic-controlled and pneumatic-driven anaethesia machine SYK-3B1,an anaesthesia circuit version IV and an economical anaestheisa vaporizer DZFG.SYK-3B1 is acceptable for use in various hospital for closed-anaesthesia,semi-closed anaesthesia and semi-open anesthesia,and for oxygen inhalation during resuscitation.