SYK-1C, Versatile Anesthesia Machine

Product Code: SYK-1C, Versatile Anesthesia Machine


Main Specifications:

If O2≤ 0.14Mpa,N2O flow decreases correspondingly
A microprocessor-controlled ventilator,which is time-cycled and constant-volume,has a transparent digital reading for many set breathing parameters.Because it’s electric-driven and electric-controlled,the ventilator conserves large amount of oxygen that’s usually used just as forcing gas.

If O2≤ 0.04Mpa,N2O flow is cut away
1. Flow:O2 0.1~15L/min

Output back strain:-10kPa~20kPa
Ambient temperature 15~35℃
4. Integrated breathing circle method
APL adjustment range:0.5~7kPa
Airway pressuer:0-9.9kPa

M-IC is a new generation anaesthesia machine comprising anaesthesia,respiratory and monitoring functions.With the adoption of modem art and somatological technology in its own unique designation,the machine isn’t only a state of art but also of fantastic convenience in manipulation.

Anesthesia Machine:
Input flow 0.25~15L/min
Output concentration:0.2~5Vol%±20%(OR±0.2%)

Anesthesia Ventilator:
Minute volume:0-40L/min
CO2 absorber acpcity:1.6L

O2 measuring range 0~99%
It adopts a two-stage pressure regulator and a high precision dual-tube flowmeter to offer an accurate fresh gas output.Its build-in safety devices like ORC system, oxygen deficiency alert and N20 cut-off make anaesthesia more secure. The specially assembled inter-lock mechanism may guarantee just one of both parallel vaporizers to be changed on in a time.The selected vaporizers from world renowned companies as Drager 19.3, Ohmeda TEC-5 and Penlon Sigma Delta meet different requirements of customers.