Hot Air Furnace

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Hot Air Furnace:
1.Advanced heating ability:
Because of using FE combustion mode, it won't appear hypoxia and air pollutions, heating fast efficient, safe.

2.Nice appearance, easy operation
The application of air filter device, explosion-proof device, combustion detection equipment, overheating protection device and so on many kinds of safety device in combustion chamber top, makes operation specially safety.

3. Equipped with a variety of safety protection circuit outside:
Not only automatic operation, automatic temperature adjustment, but also optional for blower do up, down, left, right direction of adjustment, heating more prosperous.

The air furnace application scope:
apply to factory, agricultural trellis, schools, gymnasium, bath lounge, canteen, conference room, library and public places.

Model Heating ability Heating house area Air quantity Dimensions Oil consumption Gas consumption Power source Control type
KH-1 13,000kcal/h 80-120m2 19m3/min 750*450*1850 1.58kg/h 1.55Nm3/h 220v/50HZ Two grade
KH-2 25,000kcal/h 100-200 m2 34 m3/min 750*450*1850 2.97 kg/h 2.91 Nm3/h 220v/50HZ Two grade
KH-3 36,000kcal/h 130-280 m2 40 m3/min 750*450*1850 3.48 kg/h 3.41 Nm3/h 220v/50HZ Two grade
KH-4 50,000kcal/h 240-480 m2 60 m3/min 900*540*2000 5.58 kg/h 5.47 Nm3/h 220v/50HZ Single grade

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